For over 30 years, LPG ​​innovates with the first natural and non-invasive solutions to help people live in harmony with their body. The patented connective tissue treatment technologies continue to improve and surprise us with their health benefits and beauty. Efficiency, validated by over 110 scientific studies now brings unparalleled recognition of the LPG and its famous Cellu M6.

agelocFor over two decades, NU SKIN strives with passion to create innovative products that will help you pass the test of time. Luxury & Beauty in St. Louis offers you to combine the benefits of the SPA as well as the great scientific discovery ageLOC and you will find a beautiful refreshed skin that will keep the secret of your age.

1 session = 40 € – 8 sessions = 300 €

categorie-soin-imageSkincare, makeup and fragrance … With the convergence of expertise, his sense of the Board and creativity; Sisley has designed a specific approach for each of its product lines.
Sisley was in the field of care for the face and body, recognized expertise. Its extensive product range meets the needs of different skin types and different issues: removing makeup, moisturizing, anti-aging, sunscreen, hair care … With this in mind, the brand emphasizes a selective distribution possible to offer consumers personalized advice quality.
All day makeup is in contact with the skin. To maintain hydration and comfort and help to better defend itself against external aggression, SISLEY designed (under the direction of Isabelle d’Ornano), an innovative & high end makeup line, high-end, using his care expertise. To combine the fun of the play of colors and benefits of the treatment, Sisley offers a full range of makeup, bright colors, a choice of performance and sensory textures and the most advanced technologies (coated pigments and micronized powders multi compacted).

Guided by their olfactive inspiration, Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano have always freely imagined high-end perfumes who claim their differences and personality. Composed of beautiful trees, these exceptional fragrances have their story. They are an appeal to dream and seduction.

The ritual of legendary Carita care offers a world of bespoke care dedicated to the beauty of the face, body and hair. Coming from the expertise of the House of Beauty, the Carita treatments are the result of the alliance expert hands of the beautician, exclusive modeling techniques and high-efficiency products. Each treatment unfolds around three emblems of the brand: Beauty Fluid 14, the restorer and the Ideal Pro-Lift

carita-fluideBEAUTY FLUID 14
Relaxation with Fluid Beauty 14 ultra-nourishing mythical dry oil helps to release daily tension giving way to a feeling of relaxation and maximize the benefits of the treatment.

soinsvisage_caritaTHE RENOVATEUR
Flagship product created by Carita sisters in 1956, the Restorer provides surprising and inimitable sensation initially wet, it turns to powder in a slow, modeling drainage leaving the skin incredibly soft. The secret is the unique texture, a subtle blend of essential etd’huiles seeds sunflower refines the skin, stimulates regeneration and reveals incomparable brilliance.


carita-prolift-facialIDEAL PRO-LIFT
Carita sisters have realized early interest vibratory waves to decongest and flush toxins from tissues. Today Carita works with a ultra powerful device, the ultimate realization of many years of research: PRO-LIFT Ideal. This device optimizes the action of the products and perfect manual gesture. Its benefits are numerous: clean the skin thoroughly, increase oxygen intake, promote absorption of active ingredients, stimulate cells and muscle fibers.