Soins-du-visage-Carita-ToulouseLUXE & BEAUTY Center, a beauty salon in St. Louis offers a variety of facials in partnership with leading brands. Another plus: the eyebrow is available in all Carita treatments.

FACIAL Carita: for customized response, our Carita facials are available in 2 versions.

THE MYTHICAL (treatment 1 hour): 80 €

  • Hydration lagoons: care for refreshing coolness désydratées skins. Immerse your skin in and find a skin to “plump” appearance and a light complexion Polynesian lagoon water.
  • Softness of cotton: care “hug” soothing for sensitive skin. Your color is uniform, the skin soothed and redness are dimmed.
  • Purity papaya: balancing and mattifying care for oily skin. The skin is fresh, soothed and matt and luminous complexion.Carita_NB_01%20test

CaritaTHE SUPREMES (treatment 1 hour 30)

  • Supreme smooth wrinkle ultra-precision 118 €
    Two professional face masks and eye associated with an anti-wrinkle manual modeling and modeling with the IDEAL PRO-LIFT for immediate results. The skin is smooth, plumped uniform and bright.
  • “Or parfait” sculpting care “expert”: € 105
    Anti-aging exception that addresses both wrinkles, sagging skin and discomfort. One mask : face and eyes, and the IDEAL PRO-LIFT full effectiveness of this treatment. Carita eye patches, decongestant, anti-wrinkle which smoothes and brightens the eyes. The contour is toned, the skin regains its shine and is plumped.